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Why We Drink Mugwort Tea?

With the increasing social pressure, young people’s bodies are really not as good as before. In leisure time, a cup of mugwort tea is a perfect choice!

Mugwort tea is made from the first sprouted buds of mugwort leaves.

After several processes, while retaining the medicinal value of mugwort leaves, the bitter taste of mugwort leaves is removed.

After soaking, mugwort tea has the unique fragrance of mugwort leaves.

Let’s talk about its effects:

1.Warm up our body

Mugwort tea is a kind of health care tea with high nutritional value.

It is rich in plant protein and natural volatile oil, and also contains some chlorophyll and flavonoids. As well as a variety of vitamins that are beneficial to the human body.

People usually brew and drink this kind of tea. The product can absorb rich nutrients, and can also relieve physical weakness and enhance physical fitness.

2.Warm the meridian to stop bleeding

Warming the menstrual cycle and stopping bleeding is one of the important effects of drinking tea.

Usually, women can drink more mugwort tea when they have irregular menstruation or bleeding and metrorrhagia.

It can quickly relieve the adverse symptoms of women’s bodies.

In addition, pregnant women can also drink more mugwort tea, which can play a certain role in preventing fetal movement and prevent miscarriage.

3.Antibacterial effect

Antibacterial is also one of the important functions of mugwort tea.

The natural medicinal ingredients it contains can inhibit the activity of various fungi in the human body, and can also reduce the damage of viruses to the human body.

The inhibitory effect of bacteria such as oyster mushrooms is the most obvious.

People usually drink more mugwort tea, which has a good preventive effect on the high incidence of bacterial diseases in humans.

Suitable crowd:

1.Women with cold palace, dysmenorrhea, cold hands and feet, aversion to cold.

2.People with insufficient yang energy and malaise

3.People with heavy dampness, dizziness, heavy head, sore and lazy limbs, thick and greasy tongue coating, loose stools and diarrhea, sticky and unformed, abdominal fullness, and puffiness

4.People with digestive system discomfort such as deficiency of the spleen and stomach, stomach fullness and abdominal distention, and belching.

5.It is suitable for people who suffer from cold and cold, joint disease, rheumatoid, cough, bronchitis, emphysema and asthma.

Therefore, our common mugwort recipes, including mugwort soup, mugwort tea, mugwort porridge and so on.

At the same time, mugwort owns plenty of functions and effects. Long-term consumption of mugwort can enhance the body’s resistance to disease.

Precautions for drinking wormwood tea:

Yin deficiency and blood heat, especially those with symptoms.

Such as irritable heat in the chest, dry mouth and throat, irritability, and dry stool, are prone to get angry.

And should be used with caution or sparingly.

Pregnant women should drink it under the guidance of a doctor.

Mugwort leaves can not only brew tea, but also soak your feet for health. The following is another effect of mugwort: foot bathing

What are the benefits of wormwood foot bathing:

1. Eliminate virtual fire and cold fire

The human body suffers from oral ulcers, stomatitis, otitis media, sore throat, etc. These are all caused by the strong deficiency of fire or cold fire in the body. Just boil wormwood and water together, soak your feet in the liquid for a while, and let the whole body sweat slightly. Then drink some warm water, soak your feet for two or three days in a row, eat less cold and cold food, and pay attention to rest, then these diseases can be well relieved.

2. Can ward off cold

Using hot water to soak the script every day has the effect of promoting blood circulation and driving away the dampness and cold in the body. Moreover, wormwood can connect the twelve meridians and regulate yin and yang. People with unobstructed meridians, Qi and blood will follow, and people with healthy Qi and blood will naturally have nowhere to wait for the cold in the body. For the cold-repelling effect of wormwood, it is suggested that you can use the method of moxa sticks to smoke and moxibustion, and the effect will be more obvious.

3, Evaluate athlete’s foot

Wormwood has the functions of antibacterial, antiviral, antiallergic and strengthening resistance. Targeted use and long-term adherence can remove athlete’s foot and athlete’s foot.

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