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Comparison of loose leaf tea and teabag

In today’s society, there are more and more people drinking tea.  The types and styles of tea are also different. According to people’s hobbies and time requirements, most of them choose loose leaf tea and teabag.

 loose leaf tea:

It is keeps the original state of the tea. The length of the genome is uniform, and the colors are pure and moist. The scent is fresh and irritating. The inner aroma is fragrant and mellow. The leaves are more tender.

The reason why loose leaf tea tastes better. because of the larger surface area allows it to release significantly more flavor and aroma without introducing as much astringency into the tea. when you drink tea, This makes it possible to enjoy the beautiful moment when tea leaves bloom in the water while making tea.

Chinese tea


The shape is granular, requiring the granules to be solid and even, the color is dark. the inner aroma is rich, and the fragrance is fresh and thick. Broken tea is mainly processed into teabag

some advantages to tea bags. Broken tea is based on the original tea. Teabags can release a rich taste in a short time.

Teabag is more convenient to carry, they can be stored for a long time. Teabag create no mess or soggy, leftover loose tea leaves, so it’s quick and easy to clean the tea set.


Both the loose leaf tea and teabag have their own advantages and enjoy the enjoyment and enjoyment of the tea according to personal preference.


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