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How to brew tea easy and fast

Everything in the world pays attention to order, and so does tea. If you want a good cup of tea, and you don’t want this process to be too complicated. Then teach you this simple method of making tea.

The first step in brewing tea: boiling water to the ironing cup >>>

In order to make the tea more fragrant at the right temperature. First, you can iron the tea set with boiling hot water for 1 minute. Especially in the cold winter, making tea directly with a cold tea set will quickly shrink the tea leaves in hot water and lose their original aroma. Put the tea in the cup so that the tea can wake up slowly, also called wake-up tea.


The second step of brewing tea: soak for 10 seconds >>>

Put the tea into a cup, pour about three cups of boiling water, and steep for 10-30 seconds. Then let the tea warm up first, you can also remove the dust and some impurities attached to the tea, then pour the water out, and refill the hot water.

Note: For non-fermented teas (such as green tea), there is no need to pour water.

Make tea

The third step of brewing tea: the first three courses of tea should be gently drunk >>>

The so-called “light drinking” means that the tea should not be steeped for too long when it is 2-3 courses, otherwise the concentration will affect the taste. Because the nutrients in the tea leaves at the beginning of steeping account for 60-70%. Then in addition to nutrients, there is more caffeine.

After the above three steps, you finally make a cup of tea.

People often say in circles that “twice tea, three and four times are the essence”. The thing you like is to master its essence. The same is true for tea. Only by cherishing can we understand and find the best.


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